Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Is Change?

I guess one of the best lyrics in rock bears repeating.....

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

The only difference is the new boss was supposed to be about change, a new direction in the way we do things. Better government, cleaner energy, cleaner air, a moral high ground taken by your government representatives. At first, and this was a while back, I was swept up by Obama mania and my feeling was that if Ron Paul or Guliani didn't make it as the Republican nominee I could get on board with Obama. He says the right things, does the right things, sorta, and I was willing to look over the whole Rev. Wright thing. Well, then..

1) He brings aboard Joe Biden. No John, I don't think "borrowing" from another individuals speech will impede ones ability to do a job, but if I "borrowed" like he did (not once, not twice, but thrice) I wouldn't have graduated college. But what really burned me was the fact that Obama already violated his promise of change. Really? Biden? Someone who has been in government longer than McCain? A complete arrogant fuckwit who was once the butt of a SNL skit back in the late 80's? He's part of the problem, not the solution.

2) The media gets involved, waaaaay too much. Obama was golden, he couldn't do anything wrong in the press, except for little you tube blerbs of him fumbling over his own words and proclaiming he's visited all "57 states", he was the magic....you know. I will fully admit McCain ran a shittacular campaign, disastrous at every debate, town hall meeting, VP nomination and commercial and Obama was there to capitalize, as was the media. MSNBC, CNN (which I will now dub The Obama Channel), Time, Newsweek, not one mainstream media news source ever criticized Obama. It was a tad disturbing.

Then he gets elected...

Oh well. I give Obama the best. I'm not going to be like one of those extreme left liberal douches that proclaims he or she is ashamed of America because of an administration. Nope, won't do it. I hope Obama turns this country around. I hope he does bring everyone together for the common good. I was ready for some change baby! Then....

He starts backing away from almost every promise he made. Remember when we all dog piled on John-O for Obama wanting to raise taxes for those who made 250,000 or more a year? Well, he backed off that pretty damn quick. I guess he and Oprah had a little heart to heart.

Blogovich. I know Obama wasn't involved but still, it's Chicago politics, all corruption all the time and this is where he came from.

He brings in ex Clinton people. Great. Same shit different decade.

He brings in those who voted for the war in Iraq (and retains one Bush person) instantly pissing off the anti-war groups. Of course, when aren't they pissed off? And where the hell were they when Clinton was pulling his crap?

He brings in an environmental "czar" Carol Browner who was once part of the Socialist party. Don't worry she resigned. She also wants to make large economies around the world (and the U.S.) to be smaller in order to fight a fictitious war against something that doesn't exist. Hmmm, fictitious war, sounds familiar doesn't it? Oh yeah, another Clinton tool.

Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary. Withdrew due to a donor flap.

Geithner for Treasury Secretary. Tax problems, given free pass and is still in. But it's cool, his mistake was a common mistake. I guess it depends on who you talk to on that one.

Nancy Killifer for Chief Performance Officer. Withdrew, tax snafu. Starting to see a trend.

Then my favorite...

Tom Daschle. Health and Human Services. The man tapped to make sweeping socialist, errr reforms to health care. Yeah, 140,000 owed in back taxes. I was pretty happy about this, at least I know my job will be safe for a while. Well, he's out.

No wonder Dems are so generous with our tax money, they don't contribute! Then....

The stimulus package. You know who won't see any of that money? People who need it, us. It's European politics. A sort of socialism where only CEO's and companies get the money frome the government then refuse to give to the people who need it. I will call Bush the worst president of all time if any lib will admit that Pelosi is the worst Speaker of the House overseeing the worst Congress ever especially due to passing one horrific bailout and now wanting to pass another that will totally screw this country. Thank GOD they didn't bail out the big 3 automakers.

Listen, I hope Obama gets his shit together for the sake of this country. But to those who think he is God, Buddha, Allah and Elvis all wrapped up in one I have some startling news for you. He's. Just. Another. Politician. I saw Obama on CNN getting lobbed softball questions from Anderson Cooper right after this latest nominee screw up. It was if Anderson was consoling Obama, not asking the tough questions that should be asked. If this were Bush the media would have been in a frenzy, oh wait, this was Bush, and he was dubbed a complete imbecile (rightly in some cases) for every mistake he made. Obama has been fumbling around like Inspector Clouseau ever since he was sworn into office, and it's only been two weeks! Where's the outrage? Anyone?

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Michael Maier said...

I find it amusing that he talks so much about "transparent" and open government but can't seem to produce a birth certificate.