Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Great Debate - Ahhhhh Who Gives A Shit?

Which potential...ummmm..."presidential" candidate won the debate? I didn't watch it because The Godfather did a great job breaking it down for me and my half assed Republican ways. But all debates look like this to me.

One question. I had no idea Obama sounds like Bush without a teleprompter, why isn't this ever brought up on news channels other than Fox?

I know it's really no big deal, but Democrats, well hard core liberals anyway always harp on how Bush sounds like a retard. Well, so does Obama.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Debate - Rush

Should Rush Be In The Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame?

Once again Rush has been passed over for induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame for this year. This has been an on going thing for Rush fans (except me, more on that later) since 1999 when they were first eligible , there is even an online petition to sign to get them in. But some of the higher ups in the HOF, who don't even play instruments or have ever been in a band, have publicly said that as long as they are around Rush will never get in. Why? Because according to them they have never made an impact or have had a significant contribution to Rock. But Blondie is in for fuck sakes. Have you ever heard anyone in music say, "Yeah man, I was heavily influenced by Blondie?" Yeah, me neither. But many musicians, like Metallica who got in this year, have cited Rush as a main influence. After all, Geddy Lee's bass is in the hall, why not the rest of the band? Shouldn't we celebrate Rush who have a shitload of gold and platinum albums to their credit? Who are fine tuned musicians that are the best, or nearly the best, on their instruments? Who are the authors of very complex yet rocking tunes? I know Neil can get really heavy handed and come off like a egotistical a-hole with his lyrics sometimes (especially Snakes and Arrows) but come on. Should these dudes who have been around my entire life (not an exaggeration, 30+ years) cranking out albums and great concerts be recognized?

No, I don't, here's why. The very essence of rock n' roll is to be a renegade, an outsider, to give a nice, healthy middle finger to conformity. Now the same douchebags who got high, went to Woodstock and influenced a generation of stupid kids to say fuck you to authority are now the authority on who should be in their snobby, cheese eating, champagne drinking, $2500/plate club. What the fuck? Have you ever seen the ceremonies? Not very rock n' roll, it looks like a political fund raiser with a bunch of dinosaurs on stage desperately trying to play music and act young (I saw The Police last year). As a matter of fact, I'm not alone in this The Sex Pistols sent a nice fuck you letter to the HOF back in 2006 when they were nominated. Now that's rock n' roll baby, well actually punk. Plus I really hate the HOF. It was basically set up by hippies to recognize hippies (Beatles, Rolling Stone, Jimi Hendrix, etc.) from the 60's but found themselves in a mess when they realized they had to keep going and keep inducting bands. What's going to happen when they continue through the 80's? Induct Bon fucking Jovi? Nirvana is the only given that will be the next big thing and were around barely 5 years and they weren't even that talented. Hell, I would nominate them as a crappy rock band.

So that's it, the great debate. Should Rush be in the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodbye, Yankee Stadium

The Yanks played their last game tonight at the old stadium. I have never actually been inside the stadium though I've seen it from the outside a couple of times when my brother attended the Merchant Marine Academy (the un-armed force) in Long Island. I serioulsy regret not being able to get out there to actually see a game from the first team I ever remember rooting for as a kid. But hey, all good things must come to an end and I say a fond farewell to Yankee Stadium. The first series I remember as a kid was the 1981 world series where a pudgy rookie named Fernado Valenzuela stymied the Yanks. I pretty much suffered through the 80's with the Yanks always finishing second (or third) to Boston, Detroit or Toronto. Of course, there was the late 90's and early 00's Championships from the likes of Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neil, Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera and the captain, the biggest man crush I've ever had, Derek Jeter. From David Cone's and David Wells' perfect games, to the shocking world series win against Atlanta in '96, to Derek Jeter's hustle, to Jim Leryrit's top of the sixth shocking homer off Wohlers in '96, to Bernie Williams bambi like trot, to Paul O'Neil's bright, red ass urging the Yankees on, to Mo Rivera shutting it down in the ninth. There are just too many memories to rip through. I actually think ESPN did a fantastic job covering the last game tonight. Even though they are complete Boston homers they did a fabulous job and I commend them. It was kind of cool to see Babe Ruth's granddaughter to toss out the first pitch, to hear the legendary announcer Bob Sheppard belting out the starting lineup, to hear Frank Sinatra's New York, New York, and of course, to hear The Captain's last message to the faithful crowd. Goodbye, Yankee Stadium, she sure stinks like hell but I'll miss her, like all my girlfriends (Farva!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Top 10 Favorite Guitarists Of All Time

Before I began I would like to explain that this won't be the conventional top guitarists of all time list. You won't see the usual suspects like Jeff Beck, Clapton, Hendricks, Vaughn or anyone like that. These are the guitarists I've always enjoyed over the years that I feel are overlooked. Maybe because they weren't active in the 60's and 70's, maybe because they were over shadowed by their band mates, or maybe because they actually suck. Anyways....

10) Johnny Marr - The Smiths, Johnny Marr and the Healers - The Smiths are one of those bands where the band mates hated each other immensely but still managed to crank out great tunes. Things were so bad between Morrissey and Marr (hell Morrissey hates everyone but himself) that they broke up right after recording their last album, Strangeways Here We Come. Marr's guitar always stood out, even more than Morrissey's vocals.

9) Josh Homme - Queens of the Stone Age - I've touched on QOTSA before, Homme, I think, is a great guitarist, his extended live jams are great. Sure he hits the bong and pills and booze more than he really should, but he's still tops in my book.

8) David Gilmour - Pink Floyd - I really didn't get into Floyd until Division Bell, blasphemy I know, but Gilmour's guitar is expressive and smooth, just like me baby. (awkward silence).

7) Vernon Reid - Living Colour - Just shreds the guitar. Very talented and very egotistical. Aren't they all? I was sold after hearing Cult of Personality.

6) J. Mascis - Dinosaur, Jr. - Complete freak of nature in terms of talent and appearance. I once heard a bootleg tape of J. completely drunk off his ass go on stage for open mic night at a trendy bar somewhere on the east coast and basically play 5 new songs right on the spot on the acoustic guitar. I kept thinking this was bullshit but apparently it happened that way. Good to see Dinosaur, Jr. come back with new material this year.

5) Pete Townsend - The Who - The brains behind The Who that, until recently, was always looked over as a great guitarist. His acoustic prowess is what impresses me more than anything. I still get goose bumps when I hear the opening of Pinball Wizard. Of course, I also get goose bumps when Is There Something I Should Know by Duran Duran comes on.

4) Eric Johnson - Solo - Just an unbelievably talented guitarist. He came on the scene in Texas at the tender age of 15 hot licking blues around the Austin bar scene. He never really hit the big time and really never became a household name just because his music is really an acquired taste, and a lot of people don't like that taste, including all of my girlfriends. I have to credit 92.3 for turning me on to Eric, they played Cliffs Of Dover non stop waaaay back in 1990.

3) Alex Lifeson - Rush - I always find it weird Lifeson never gets (fuck I hate that word), but he doesn't. Spirit of Radio is one hell of a lick and before Rush started introducing moogs to their repertoire Alex was the one leading the band. I personally think he's talented as hell but since Rolling Stone or the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame doesn't (pretty much the same thing) I guess I'm wrong.

2) Bob Mould - Husker Du/Sugar - Probably the loudest guitar I've ever heard and he's talented as hell. Divide and Conquer is a great tune.

1) Andy Summers - The Police - He couldn't write any songs worth a damn but he is a great guitarist in my book. Sting and Stewart Copeland were the ones getting all the accolades, well Sting really, but Andy always seemed to be left in the cold. I like his style and he is the first guitarist I ever liked. Sting pretty much was a douche to him his entire career.

Classic Guitarist I Actually Like

Jimi Hendrick
Jimmy Paige
Eric Clapton - with Cream only, not big on his solo stuff
Duane Allman
Jon Petrucci

Friday, September 12, 2008

Those Were The Days.....

From left to right: Prime Mover, Mike, Godfather. Seated: John-O, Matt

Coming home from work I either listen to Steve Czaben, Mike and Mike or Man-Cow. I kept it on Man-Cow for some reason, maybe it's his Libertarian sensibilities or the fact that he rips everyone, including Obama. Anyways he did a time capsule for 1992's MTV video awards. You guys remember videos right? I guess Van Halen opened up the show playing Right Now, Elton John sang some gay ass song next then Guns n' Roses played November Rain with his gayness banging on the keys. Just goes to show how far we have fallen since Britney Spears won awards at this year's show. Pretty fucking pathetic. No one knows how to play an actual instrument anymore and rock has been delegated to VH-1 classic. The only semblance of rock is now played by 20 year old kids with skinny jeans, shitty hair, and are in touch with their feelings. I miss the old days. Hell, I even miss Poison.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama's Tax Plan

If this article is true then I won't bother with my 401k at work and I'll start stock piling Raman Noodles and Diet Coke. Great Stalin's ghost. I thought Obama wanted to help the working man and women and bring peace and prosperity to America where Bush/Cheney took it away. How in the holy hell will this help us?