Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rejected Facebook Updates

Facebook was something I held off to sign up with for a long time. I thought it was kind of dorky and just wanted to not do it. But when you have relatives out of state and they keep clammering for pics of your little piles of poo then this is more convienient then uploading pics to your Yahoo email. Anyways, one of the many things on Facebook is to update what your doing at that very minute which is something I don't do, unless I'm drunk or something, which really doesn't happen too often nowadays. These were some of the rejected updates that I decided was better to keep clandestine.

Josh is....

Pooping, man this is great.
Crying like a little girl on the toilet realizing that I'm not going to be a rich, or famous, or really anything.
Masturbating to some gay porn, I mean, GREAT porn. Yeah, that's it.
Wondering where my infant is...have any of you guys seen him?
Wondering what it would feel like to bang Christy Canyon.
So drunk that he canttt typh anywmowrfeeee hey honey, gonnnnnaa throw.....
Hitting on some chick here at a bar, oh, that's right, I'm married.
Just farted and blamed it on the baby.
You ever eat the stuff out of your ear. Well, take it from me, don't do that.
Should probably tell his wife that he lost our life savings on an emu farm.
Scrathing my nuts, man this is great.

This is probably a post I shouldn't have done. Oh well.

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