Tuesday, May 20, 2008

R.I.P. John Rutsey

Those of you that don't know the name above it's an answer to a common trivia question......

Who was Rush's original drummer?

Well unfortunately Mr. Rutsey died on May 11th due to a heart Attack. More about that here.

Of course most people know Rush as they are today, a kick ass prog rock band, but before a long haired, handle bar mustached man with short shorts and drums wrapped in garbage bags graced the front step of Geddy and Alex answering an ad for a drummer, John Rutsey manned the skins for Rush's first album. I never thought the first album was bad at all though it definitely sounded like Led Zeppelin Jr. Rutsey wanted to continue that sound and Geddy and Alex wanted travel the prog rock route. Well Rutsey quit due to this and his diabetes and the rest is history.

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