Saturday, August 30, 2008

92.3 The New 94.7?

On Tuesday night going to work I actually heard one of my favorite songs of all time from The Who...Slip Kid, I have never heard anything from The Who before on 92.3. I know their favorite group Pearl Jam cites The Who as one of their main influences but I seriously have never heard note one from Pete Townsend's main source of income for child porn before. Anyways..the next day on way way to work I actually heard Led Zeppelin Kashmir. Led fucking Zeppelin. I actually had to hit the recall button a couple of times to make sure I was on the right station. Has 94.7 infiltrated our favorite hippies from the south? Please say it ain't so.


Godfather Weilhammer said...

Wait until you hear a back-to-back set of AC/DC's Thunderstruck and Flirting with Disaster by Molly Hatchet...then start worrying. It is impressive to hear Kid on there, I can only guess that their listeners are tired of hearing Tracy Chapman's Gimme One Reason every 7 minutes.

Prime Mover said...

That's right, or any Melissa Etheridge/Dave Matthews songs. I was just floored by Slip Kid, I've never heard that on the radio before.