Friday, January 2, 2009

Cover Songs - The Good Ones

The Song: Got The Time
Covered By: Anthrax
Original Artist: Joe Jackson

This one was a shocker, it's a really good cover from a band that is a true fan of that lovably insane artist Joe Jackson. Jackson himself even commented how much he liked Anthrax's version. It isn't better than the original by any means but it's still enjoyable.

The Song: Comfortably Numb
Covered By: Scissor Sisters
Original Artist: Pink Floyd

A very interesting remake indeed, the only reason that you know it's a Pink Floyd cover is because of the lyrics, and well, the title of the song. It sounds nothing like the original. The Scissor Sisters are the British answer to Disco, cocaine, Club 54 and subtle gayness. I'm sorry, did I say subtle? they are about as subtle as a bull screwing a china shop.

The Song: Summertime Blues
Covered By: The Who
Original Artist: Bobby Vee

Entwisle and Moon always make things interesting no matter songs they play.

The Song: Oh, Pretty Woman
Covered By: Van Halen
Original Artist: Roy Orbison

Had a friend in high school who was the biggest Roy fan and he hated this remake. I love it, even though Van Halen has done like 10 kajillion covers this one is the best.

The Song: Ring Of Fire
Covered By: Wall Of Voodoo
Original Artist: Johnny Cash

Another that sounds nothing like the original. Just a eerie guitar, a synth loop and a monotone voice. My wife wonders why Ring Of Fire has never made it into a haemorrhoid commercial. I think I know the answer.

The Song: Kiss Me Deadly
Covered By: Reel Big Fish
Original Artist: Lita Ford

Pretty much a nerd ska band's answer to heavy metal.

The Song: Space Age Love Song
Covered By: No Motiv
Original Artist: Flock of Seagulls

A very decent remake I must say.

The Song: Girls On Film
Covered By: Bjorn Again
Original Artist: Duran Duran

The woman who sings on the cover is just fabulous, it's just too bad that this is the only good song they've ever done.

The Song: Turning Japanese
Covered By: Skankin Pickle
Original Artist: The Vapors

It's just fitting that the guy singing the cover is of Asian decent, just not Japanese.

The Song: Memories Can't Wait
Covered By: Living Colour
Original Artist: Talking Heads

It's one of the few covers that is actually better than the original...speaking of....

The Song: All Along The Watchtower
Covered By: Jimi Hendrix
Original Artist: Bob Dylan

Seriously, the best cover of all time, hands down fuck you the end.

The Song: Faith
Covered By: Chixdiggit
Original Artist: George Michael

Just a straight up fast and rockin' version of George Michael's first gay song.

The Song: Dancin' Days
Covered By: Stone Temple Pilots
Original Artist: Led Zeppelin

STP is the only, I repeat, the only group to cover a Zep tune without sounding like a bunch of retarded, doped up monkeys on roller skates. The rest who have tried really sound fucktaskitcally awful.

The Song: Purple Haze
Covered By: Frank Zappa
Original Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Just one fucked up cover. Anybody who is high while listening to this Frank Zappa creation will probably freak the fuck out.

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Godfather Weilhammer said...

Skankin Pickle? Jesus, buddy, we need to get you out of the house. Pickles are bad enough on their we really need to add the adjective, thusly showing the seedy underbelly of sin and corruption that all pickles out of the barrel experience?