Friday, September 28, 2007

Under The Radar - Television

I really don't watch network television, which means me and my drunk ass has to stick to non reality TV, which means cable. These are some of the shows which are kick ass. Warning! Might actually educate or offend or do both.

1) Survivorman - one man, who is his own camera crew, own sound guy, has to survive for 7 days (on his own, no help) on limited supplies on some of the most remote and dangerous terrain in the world. Les Stroud is a Canadian who is an expert on survival. He lives off the land and teaches us as he goes along.

Best Show Thus Far: African Plains - Les constantly has to survive off the land and avoid a 500 lb lion and its clan.

Warning! May offend vegetarians, he actually kills and eats a bunny to survive in the Northern most territory in Baffin Island, which is pretty close to the Artic.

2) The Universe - Many scientists converge on one show to try and explain the wonders that is our universe. As the tag line says, will blow your mind.

Best Show thus Far: The controversy of Pluto being a planet and its subsequent demotion as a lesser planet, as in not the ninth planet in our solar system (there are officially eight planets revolving around our sun now).

Warning! May actually educate and piss you off. Pluto is a planet dammit!

3) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Four friends (and a desperate Danny Devito) run a bar in Philly and are the most un-PC gang you will ever meet. Kind of like South Park in sitcom form.

Best Show Thus Far: The Gang Goes America On Every body's Ass - don't ask, it's really funny, even takes a run at the guys.

Warning! Will offend practically everyone, and I laugh my ass off.

4) Battlestar Galactica - remake of the late 70's show starring Dirk Benedict and Lorne Green (best..death..scene..ever!). Has a different twist where some Cyclons are human and Boomer and Starbuck are chicks, nothing wrong with that.

Best Show thus Far - The season finale of last season, leaves a lot of lingering questions.

Warning! Will fry your brain trying to figure out how humans can be so stupid.

5) Subterranean - The last hope of decent music on MTV, well MTV2. Replaced the late, great 120 minutes.

Best Show thus Far - The ones that don't show shitty videos, which is kind of rare these days.

Warning! Shows completely crappy videos starring kids that don't have a clue how to play instruments, plus they dress like teen girls (even the guys). But they did introduce me to Minus the Bear, Thievery Corporation and Blonde Readhead and the latest from Dinosaur Jr., so it's not all that bad.

6) Stroker and Hoop - Two bumbling private dicks with a very out-of-date talking car (it has an 8 track) solving crimes that are way over their heads.

Best Show thus Far - Putting the "Ass" in Assassin

Warning! Was cancelled, dammit!

7) Dogfights - Show that chronicles the dogfights in wars that the U.S. were involved in.

Best Show thus Far - Kamikaze - chronicles the kamikaze pilots of Japan. Shows how desperate the Japanese were near the end of WWII and how scary it was to be an American soldier at the time. Does not glorify war.

Warning! Might offend those who hate America, like Micheal Moore, or someone like him.

8) Miami Ink - I love tattoos, I have 2 of my own and will probably get more. These guys are really talented, I actually have plans of getting these guys of getting me a tattoo of Bhuishajyagurn - the healing/medicine Buddha.

Best Show thus Far - All are good.

Warning! No warning, it's in Miami, cute gals, cute guys, great tattoos.

That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure there are more.

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