Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rush Geek Week Part I

Since John-O was so kind to compliment me on my drunken rambling that Rush always closes out their albums with great songs I decided to ratchet up my (actually our) Rush geekdum by pronouncing this Rush Geek Week. I will list some great Rush doings this week while listening to Rush while staring at my homemade Rush artwork (yes, I made some) while petting my cats Geddy and Alex. We couldn't afford a Neil. Before you judge me, please read on. Well John-O will, and maybe my wife, if I beg her.

Best Rush Albums of All Time

10) Fly By Night - The introduction of Neil after Rush ditched that whiny non-talented, diabetic drummer John Rustey.

Best Songs: Best I Can, Anthem, Fly By Night, By-Tor and the Snow Dog, Beneath, Between, Behind

Most Confusing Song: Rivendell - never been able to listen to it all the way through, yes, I know it is based on the Lord of the Rings.

9) Hemispheres - The last concept album where the entire first half is a story.

Best Songs: Circumstances, La Villa Strangiato, The Trees

Most Confusing Song(s): The entire first half - Though it's not bad, it's kind of weird of a rock band to sing about Dionysus and Bacchus.

8) Grace Under Pressure - Considered the worst Rush album, I actually really like it. Also considered the darkest Rush album.

Best Songs: Distant Early Warning, Afterimage, Red Sector A, The Enemy Within, Between the Wheels

Most Confusing Song: Red Lenses (it's true!!!)

7) Roll The Bones - Rush raps, kinda.

Best Songs: Dreamline, Bravado, Where's my Thing?, Ghost of a Chance, Heresy, The Big Wheel, Neurotica, You Bet Your Life

Most Confusing Song: Roll the Bones - seriously, white people from Canada shouldn't be allowed to rap, actually rap should be banned period.

6) Presto - First album of Rush released when I moved to Indiana in 1989. This album helped me ease through the fact that I moved away from waterfront property in Virginia to flat, cold, and landlocked territory of Indianapolis.

Best Songs: All, except.....

Most Confusing Song: Red Tide, never really warmed up to this one.

5) 2112 - The album that saved Rush, got to acknowledge that.

Best Songs: All, except.....

Most Confusing Song: Twilight Zone, did Neil get really baked one night and write these lyrics?

4) Power Windows - Unbelievably complex album, from a musician standpoint.

Best Songs: All, except...

Most Confusing Song: Manhattan Project - I like the lyrics, just don't like the song

3) Hold Your Fire - Completely sentimental album of mine. First Rush album bought with my own money, I actually have the tape framed.

Best Songs: All actually like all of them.

2) Signals - Really love this album, even though Rush fired their long time producer because of it.

Best Songs: All of them, especially The Weapon.

1b) Permanent Waves - I REALLY like this album, but I can never place it before Moving Pictures.

Best Songs: All except.....

Most Confusing Song: Entre Nous - only because I actually learned a French phrase. Other than that I like the song.

1a) Moving Pictures - no weaknesses, anywhere. Best....Rush....Album.

Time for a beer...and a cigar. More tomorrow, for Rush Geek Week.

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