Thursday, June 19, 2008

They Posted This In The L.A. Times? WTF?

Bush Never Lied To Us About Iraq

In a nutshell it turns out (according to the article) that Bush simply got bad intellegence. Which goes completely counter to most slogan chanting, mud slinging, mad dog, frothing at the mouth, far left wingers, or Keith Olberman. I read this type of article around 2003 or 2004, but most people just attacked the writer's credibility instead of looking at the substance of the article, much like this one. I know bad intelligence from the CIA doesn't exactly make the medicine of the Iraq war go down any easier, but there you go.

I just wish there was more of an open honest debate about the Iraq war, kind of like global warming. The "I'm right, your wrong, go fuck yourself for not thinking like I do" thing really gets me pissed off. The media has been slinging so much shit around about the war it's really hard to know what's right and what isn't. On one hand I wish we never invaded but on the other I'm pretty damn happy Saddam (and his murdereres for sons) are out of power and maybe a chance for democracy to exist in the middle east could be obtained. When Keith Olberman rants and raves about Bush and his lying his way to war I think he's full of shit. When Rush Limbaugh defends Bush about the war I think he's full of shit. Who's right? Who fucking knows right now. Either way I still don't hate America for invading (or for electing Dubya) which many left wingers have subscribed to since the invasion. This is a great country. Flaws? Sure, every country has flaws, but the U.S. is still great. Just ask any Cuban who washes up on shore. Just ask any Canadian (I have, at work) who can't find jobs and are sick of paying shitloads of taxes. Ask any U.S. citizen who used to be citizens of an oppressive country (Iraq, Iran, North Korea, it goes on and on). I have my hand over my heart right now with the U.S. anthem playing in the background by the way. Who knows what historians will think of the war but one things for sure, I hope they don't contribute to the Democrat of Republican party.

There are only a couple of things I know for sure:

Saddam did harbor terrorists, yes, he did.

The U.N. by in large is corrupt but still important to the world, and us.

and countries are pissed at us about Iraq ONLY because it hit them in the pocket book.

Do I personally agree with it? No idea. I've read some convicing articles pro and con about the war.

Always happy to have a cordial debate on the subject. No name calling.


Michael Maier said...

And just exactly WHY is the UN at all important to anyone? I've yet to hear a single good explanation.

Prime Mover said...

I racked my brain for a couple of hours and I have no good explanation. So, you got me there.