Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama's Tax Plan

If this article is true then I won't bother with my 401k at work and I'll start stock piling Raman Noodles and Diet Coke. Great Stalin's ghost. I thought Obama wanted to help the working man and women and bring peace and prosperity to America where Bush/Cheney took it away. How in the holy hell will this help us?


Michael Maier said...

Monkey Boy Obama is an economic illiterate. Which isn't surprising because he's a socialist and all socialists (who are actually pussy closet communists too scared to admit it) are economic illiterates.

If you saw Obama's reaction to the capital gains tax question in the primary debates, he simply doesn't know what he's talking about. He said out loud he wants to raise capital gains taxes to punish rich people regardless of the effects on tax inflows.

Stop for a second. During Bill Clinton's watch, Congress reduced capital gains tax rates and the tax inflows increased.

Obama either didn't know the history of that (excusable) or did know and doesn't care. He outright says he would rather punish rich people than increase revenues.

There is no other interpretation: He's either a moron or a liar.

I guess the former. BO is an affirmative action idiot. He got to Harvard Law School because of his colour.

Why? Because he won't release his college transcripts. If he did even moderately well in college, he'd have released those records to brag.

Jorge Bush even did that. Why won't Obama?

Cuz in one cotton-picking moment, he'd be exposed as the moron he is. And it would piss off white voters even more than his other gaffes.

Which are piling up nicely after the Palin pick.

Obama is just a nightmare waiting to happen.

Although if he were to be elected, the unintentional comedy results would be off the freaking charts.

(Not that I think McCain's proposed spending habits are responsible either.)

Prime Mover said...

Pretty much. I stopped watching all debates, though I will watch the Palin/Biden debates, that will be a cluster fuck for both sides. I agree about unintentional comedy that will be the Obama regime, but I won't be laughing once check comes back a little light, I mean, a lot light.