Friday, September 12, 2008

Those Were The Days.....

From left to right: Prime Mover, Mike, Godfather. Seated: John-O, Matt

Coming home from work I either listen to Steve Czaben, Mike and Mike or Man-Cow. I kept it on Man-Cow for some reason, maybe it's his Libertarian sensibilities or the fact that he rips everyone, including Obama. Anyways he did a time capsule for 1992's MTV video awards. You guys remember videos right? I guess Van Halen opened up the show playing Right Now, Elton John sang some gay ass song next then Guns n' Roses played November Rain with his gayness banging on the keys. Just goes to show how far we have fallen since Britney Spears won awards at this year's show. Pretty fucking pathetic. No one knows how to play an actual instrument anymore and rock has been delegated to VH-1 classic. The only semblance of rock is now played by 20 year old kids with skinny jeans, shitty hair, and are in touch with their feelings. I miss the old days. Hell, I even miss Poison.


Godfather Weilhammer said... hair just won't do that anymore. Indeed, those were the days, back when all I had to worry about was how much mousse to use and whether or not my Trapper Keeper was cool enough.

Michael Maier said...

You mean that old Pepsi Clear commercial song?

Had to twist the knife a bit.

I hated VH for that move.

OTOH, I liked the Police song intro snippet in the sand surfing commercial a few years back.

Maybe because it wasn't so blatant?

And I agree. MTV and commercial radio suck so bad. I can't remember the last time I watched MTV for anything other than a few seconds laughing at that crack addict FLAVA FLAV!!!!!!!!

Prime Mover said...

Yeah, your hair looked great back then, but I am partial to the bald head goatee look. All I had to worry about was to decide what M.C. Escher shirt to throw on.

Prime Mover said...

Ahhhh you can laugh at Flavor Flav on any station. Pepsi clear, man, forgot all about that shitty experiment.