Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Joke

I know people have already heard this by now but I think it's hi-larious.

Q: How many women have Michael Jackson screwed?

A: Just one, Farrah Fawcett.

Too soon? Who give a shit? I'm more bummed that Billy Mays died.


Michael Maier said...

At first, I was trying to be compassionate. But the black womenz dat beez at mah job beez yammering about the freak job way too much.

As if being (semi?)black and famous renders one congenitally incapable of molestation.

It's pathetic tribalism, pure and simple. Even if the "tribe member" is an obvious walking freakjob, he is to be defended against all "haters".

If they want to be racially-motivated fools, I really would not care. Except I have to hear their idiotic ranting.

I think I might just ask them to bring their young boys over to my house for a sleepover cuz I never had enough of those as a kid.

If they balk, I'll just call them racists.

Prime Mover said...

yeah I'm still trying to figure out why everyone including CNN (turning into MTV as we speak) are still covering the guy. On Sunday, they were still doing segments that were just stupid. He hasn't had a decent album since Thriller (Bad was meh) and he only beat the molestation charges b/c he was (until 10 years ago) rich. And please explain to me how his kids are white!