Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Media Bias? Naaaaaaaaw!

Great little ditty that if It wasn't so depressing it would be hilarious.

I was really never a fan of George Bush, I was really pissed with the first "stimulus" package but when Obama forced cracked his stimulus package through I was preparing for the worst (I still am, guns and gold, baby!). I remember a speech BOH made where he stated that if his package didn't pass unemployment would go to 10%. Well, were pretty much there and were in the hole trillions of dollars for it. Where's the media? Like BOH, still blaming Bush, an excuse that will run out eventually (I won't hold my breath on that one). The media really pisses me off. Just watch CNN or MSNBC for an hour and you can see they are clearly in the tank for BOH. Remember Katie Couric and her interview with Joe Biden? I was banging my head it was bleeding with all the softball questions and lack of historical knowledge between both of these morons.

Ugh. Granted Sarah Palin is a moron who was not hard to root out for Katie Couric but it was blatantly obvious Katie was in the bag for Obama. It's just sickening. I just want fair reporting, is that so much to ask? Well, at least Katie Couric's ratings are at an all time low.

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Michael Maier said...

What I find hilarious is how oblivious many liberals are to the bias.

I can at least appreciate the honesty of those that say "Yeah, so what? They're doing the right thing."

But denying the bias exists is willful ignorance or complete dishonesty.