Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Gay Characters/People Of All Time

John-O bought up the fact that the main wizard in Harry Potter is indeed gay. While I really don't give a crap about anyones sexual orientation I found this quite odd because Rowling's characters are already 7 books in. I'm not quite sure if this is bold or not, especially in this day and age, but it is what it is. Striving for equal rights and acceptance or jamming an alternative lifestyle down our throats? Such a fine line sometimes.

Anyways I thought I would revisit some of the best gay characters and people of all time.

1) Scott Thompson - Very funny on Kids In The Hall, his Buddy character is one of my favorites on that show. I tried to find the clip on YouTube where Buddy decides to coach an all lesbian softball team but I couldn't. Easily one of the funniest skits on the show. I also find his over the top performance as a straight business man hilarious.

2) Big Gay Al - South Park - First gay character on one of my favorite shows of all time. The very flamboyent and lovable Al runs a commune for gay animals which in itself is hilarious. Also had the best song in the South Park movie back in 1999. He is also responsible for millions of people to say "I'm super, thanks for asking" for about 3 years after the movie came out, which, unlike any Austin Power characters, never gets old.

3) Jim J. Bullock - Hollywood Squares, Spaceballs - I actually liked Hollywood Squares because of him. I heard there was an incident where Alf made a homosexual joke Jim didn't take to well, he took him from the center square and jammed a cat down his throat screaming "Suck on this bitch!" That actually didn't happen but I would pay to see it. His Prince Valium character in Spaceballs is a classic.

4) Ellen Degeneres - After the Ellen show - Before she came out I really didn't find her stand up act all that funny, kind of like a female version of Jerry Seinfeld. She came out during her show and immediately set in on her angry lesbian phase which got her show cancelled (probably unfairly, but the show did start sucking after she came out) and landed into the arms of resident space alien and all around shitty actress Anne Heche. She chilled out, dumped the alien, and finally started to make me laugh and now I find her quite charming and funny. She also shattered the stereotype that there are no happy go lucky lesbians.

5) Mr. Garrison/Mr. Slave - South Park - Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave had me in stitches for years until the South Park duo decided to Have Garrison go through a sex change. The actual show that Garrison got the sex change cracked me up but it also sacrificed Mr. Slave, which kind of sucks. Mr. Slave's whore out competetion with Paris Hilton is permantly saved on my DVR.

6) Mr. Smithers - Simpsons - Though he never actually came out and admitted that he was gay there were so many innuendoes and hints that even Inspector Cluesou would have figured it out. Probably one of the most beloved characters on the Simpsons.

7) The Entire Cast of Winnie the Pooh - Nuff' said.

8) Liberace - Though his music sucked out loud you can't help love his over the top fashions and style.

9) Bob Mould - Sugar, Husker Du - Probably has one of the loudest guitars ever. He is definately underrated as a musician and guitarist. Husker Du is one of my favourite Indy bands of all time. The funny thing about Husker Du was the fact that the one guy you thought was gay (the bassist) wasn't, and the two other dudes you would never figure on being gay were (Mould and Hart).

10) Aaron Copeland - Composer - Made some damn fine music, especially Fanfare for the Common Man.

11) Ian McKellan - Actor - It's Magneto baby! One of many great casting decisions made by the movie creators of the X-men movies (Patrick Stewart was born for Professor X). He's done some other good stuff, like, uhhhh, oh Gods and Monsters.

12) Chuck Palahniuk - Author - Had no idea he was gay, which really doesn't matter. Even though his books are really starting to suck it big time he's still one of my favorite authors of all time (yes, I do read sometimes).

That's all I can think of.


Tovi said...

Interesting to know.

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