Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Tip For the Colts Against New England

Just a few tips for the upcoming game for the Colts:

1) If Vrabel is in the game in a goal line situation put a guy on him. For some fucking reason no other team in the NFL has gotten this yet.

2) Brady throws a majority of short passes over the middle directly in front of him. Might want to put a safety there. Again, no other team has caught on to this yet.

3) If they run up the score put a hat on Brady's knees or knock the crap out of Randy Moss before he can get off the line.

4) If you are near Belicheck throw an out pass and purposely over throw so Dallas Clark can run into Belicheck on the sidelines.

5) Please for the love of god beat the Patriots!

Food For Thought

Has anyone noticed that all Belicheck's ex-assistant coaches are stinking it up as head coaches? Mangini, Crannell, Weiss, all under .500 for their career as head coaches. Grown accustomed to cheating?

What exactly were on these tapes and did the Patriots turn them all over? Notice that the NFL destroyed them all and would not comment if the Patriots cheated in the super bowl.

Wasn't there a time when running up the score was unprofessional and cosidered an asshole move? Now ESPN and the like are in awe of it. What the hell?

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