Monday, March 24, 2008

Prime Mover Brewery

One thing that I will be doing when I eventually get out of school is to make my own beer. Since I have one kid and one on the way (that we just found out will be another boy) and we all know how much of a drain they are on your energy and wallet I will probably be forced to make my own beer. I have been thinking of doing this for a while, like since the Drew Carey show first did their Buzz Beer thing. But my cousins from Memphis actually brewed their own and entered a contest. They didn't win anything but their beer was actually decent, it didn't make me go blind anyways. Well I thought of my own beers and the titles, of course they all center around Rush (who else?). Here's a sampling. If anyone steals my idea....awww....who would actually do that?

Title of beer company: Prime Mover Brewery


Working Man Beer - a good pilsner.
Witch Hunt Brew - just in time for Octoberfest, a spicy kind of beer.
Force Ten Ale - more of a Christmas ale kind of deal.
Limelight Ale - for you carb counting losers.
Red Tide Beer - a cranberry affair.
New World Beer - not sure what it will be like but I like the title.
Ghost Rider Stout- kind of like Guinness.
Prime Mover Ale - kind of a creamy deal, like Tetley's, McCaffreys or Belhaven.

While I'm at it I might as well list my top ten beers, in no particular order.

10) Eliot Ness - Great Lakes Brewery - only sold in Ohio, for now.
9) Guiness - Always a favorite
8) Weinstenstapher Dunkel- Pretty sure I didn't spell it right, but they sell it at
the Ratzskeller, taste soo damn good on draft.
7) Murphy's Stout - I got addicted to this when I was in Ireland.
6) Sam Adams - pretty much all of them, even the cranberry one.
5) Belhavens - great on tap at McNiven's downtown.
4) Old Speckled Hen - now on tap at the Cladaugh up north.
3) Tetley's - always one of my favorites, slowly disappearing from Indy.
2) Boddingtons - Another one of my favorites that's disappearing, the Cladaugh downtown took it off draft, at least the last time I was there they did.
1) McCaffreys - probably my favorite that's gone from the U.S. Those fuckers at Coors brought the distributing right and never distributed it. Found it in England at a pub and I thought I was in heaven. Then I got the bottom of the barrel (which made it taste like shit) and the barkeep said that they would have more tomorrow, I was leaving the next morning.....shit.


Godfather Weilhammer said...

Make New World Beer like New Castle and I will drink it. I'll freeze it and skate on it, then wait for it to melt and then drink it. Master Brewer Spears...why do I see an apron with that on it in your future?

Prime Mover said...

Then you'll want to put your dick in it...aww Beerfest. That's a good idea about New World beer. Of course, my lovely wife has no faith that I will actually make these beers.

Godfather Weilhammer said...

Josh, I just found this. For you, I plan to call.

She'll unfortunately have friends that will aid you in your alco-adventure!

Prime Mover said...

God bless you sir. I love my alcoholic adventures, they are just so rare nowadays, something about drinking and kids that don't mix or something.