Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Country For Old Farts

Finally got to see this movie last weekend. Oh wait, it's not out on DVD yet? Well, you are right, it's the advantage of having a sister in law who is a manager of a blockbuster store. Anyway thought I would share a few of my thoughts of this film.

-First off I enjoyed it, a lot. Probably the best movie of the year. Truth be told this is the ONLY movie I've seen for 2007. I'm not kidding, I don't get out much.

-Is it me or could you interchange "No Country For Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood" as the title of these two movies? Seriously, no one would bat an eye. Pretty violent flick(s?). I also saw that those two flicks were filming pretty close to each other in West Texas.

-Javier Bardem was just a badass as Chigurn. Great acting job. Actually the whole cast was great, even hippie/douchebag Woody Harrelson. Kind of weird for him to go from this to Semi-Pro. Anybody see that movie yet? Should I waste my time on it?

-Many critics say this is the Coen's best movie. I have to disagree. The best are in this order: 1) Millers Crossing 2) Fargo 3) No Country 4) Big Lewbowski 5) Hudsucker Proxy 6) Raising Arizona 7) Blood Simple...and the rest which I won't mention, you know, because of my last crazy ranting of a post below.

-It kind of drove me nuts that there really no music throughout the entire movie. It drove me nuts during The China Syndrome too. Or was that because it starred Jane Fonda?

-Contrary to popular belief I thought the ending was great, the symbolism in Bell's dreams was very fitting (judgement day, guilt over not protecting the Moss').

-Great directing I have to say, and the cinematography was fabulous.

-Read that when the Coens approached Bardem to do this movie he was quoted as saying, "I can't drive, my English is bad, and I don't like violence." "That's why we called you" the Coens were quoted as saying.

-This was a typical Coen Brother movie. I bet the conversation with the big executives went like this before it was produced.

Execs: So, what is your next project going to be like?

Coens: It's a cross between all our movies, except with less music and humor. Oh, it's based on a book.

Execs: Shit! You know typical people in America don't read! You've read John-O's posts, this could flop dammit!

Coens: Naw, we'll make it real artsy fartsy.

Execs: Sooooooo this could win an Oscar?

Coens: Uh, sure.

Execs: Approved! See you on the stage at the Oscars.

-Something I thought of while watching this film. Many in Hollywood are against the war and violence. Many of them are seen flashing peace signs, participating in U.N. events, and participating in peace marches. Many of them are quoted as saying violence will solve nothing. Well, this years Oscars awarded some very violent flicks, off the top of my head No Country, There Will Be Blood, That Tim Burton flick were nominated for Oscars and they were all ultra violent movies. Also, what do the following people have in common: Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, Susan Surandon, Natalie Portman, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Viggo Mortensen, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, hell pretty much all of Hollywood? They are all against the war, they are all against violence yet they all star in very violent movies, a lot of them glorify it. This is why I'm down on Hollywood. Not only are they hypocritical with the global warming scam, they are hypocritical on violence. I am seriously becoming a crusty old man.


John-O said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that there seemed to be little in the way of a score. Not a bad thing, necessarily, just a bit odd.

I also liked the ending - a lot. I love love love endings that keep you thinking about the movie while the credits are rolling, and this one definitely does that. (So, to a lesser degree, does the ending of Eastern Promises.)

[On an unrelated note, I was at home with Jackson one day last week and I threw in the R30 DVD, and the little guy was just mesmerized. Stood there in his little spinny-toy-carriage thing with his eyes glued to the screen. Can I just say that that drum solo is amazing to watch?]

Prime Mover said...

Yes! Brainwash the young lad early. I've been trying on my son, so far so good. Eastern Promises was great, I thought both movies were incredibly smart, but very violent. I actually had to rewind the last speech by Jones, at the time I was a tad abbreviated. Hey, it was the first time my wife and I went out in months.

Prime Mover said...

Oh, I agree, the drum solo is great. Can't wait to see them in June.