Friday, March 21, 2008

Yankees/Cubs Posts

Opening day is happening soon and being the horrific Yankee fan that I am I'll be posting shit throughout the season about the Yankees. Not only that, I have a family obligation to post about the Cubs as well. You see, my in laws are from Chicago, my father in law was born and bred in downtown Chicago. We came to a truce, they would root for the Yankees if I would root for the Cubies. Done. Of course that isn't so hard for me since Sweet Lou Pinella is the coach and one of my favorite former Yankees, Alfonso Soriano, is one of their players. I actually have plans to travel to Yankee stadium this year (with my Bro who actually saw Game 1 of the 1977 world series in person) to see the close of the house that Ruth built and I will be traveling with my in laws to Wrigley Field to see a Cubs game. I really have no comment so far on either team, only that the Rays made waaay too much about Shelly Duncan's spike slide and this little nugget...If you read the headline "Pay for Red Sox coaches dispute final, Red Sox will go to Japan" how would you feel? Nothing, right? Now replace Red Sox with Yankees, here is what you would see on ESPN.

"Those cheap bastards! Aren't they getting paid enough!????!!!"

One thing, look who is #2 in terms of payroll and marketing, oh the mother fucking Red Sox. Seriously, the Yankees are Republicans and the Red Sox are Democrats. One will always get away with more than the other in the media even though they are basically the same. Anyhooooo...

Go Cubs!

Go Yankees!

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