Monday, December 31, 2007

To The Makers Of The Golden Compass - Chicken!

I finally have some time off for the next couple of days until I return to school and basically have no time for anything. So for the last couple of days I actually caught up on world events (still the same, all fucked up), sports (I'm pretty excited about the bowl season, had time to argue with John-O, which was fun) and movies (haven't seen an inside of a theater in almost 6 months). But when I heard about the Golden Compass and I never realized what the big hububalooo was about. I guess the whole story was written by an atheist whereas the bad guys are Christian and god is an alien pretending to be divine and the earth would be a lot more fun if faith disappeared. As a Christian I wasn't offended because this is a free world, write what you want to write, I have the freedom to ignore it if I want. Besides, I thought Passion of the Christ was one of the worst movies of that year (I can't remember which). But when I read a review of it from Greg Easterbrook I guess the makers of the movie left the entire anti-religion context out of the movie. If your going to make the movie at least be true to the book, go all out. Not surprisingly the movie basically bombed at the box office.

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