Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best Season Ever? Best Super Bowl Run Ever?

Being racked with the flu this week I've been watching re-runs (god bless you NFL network) of the Giants run to the Super Bowl. So while I wasn't running to the toilet I have been watching every single game of the Giants and I had a few thoughts.

Has anyone mentioned this as a historic run? This has got to be the best run any team has accomplished against so much great competition in the playoffs.

They had to go through the #3, #2 and #1 offensives of the NFL in order (Cowboys, Packers, Patriots).

They were racked with injuries throughout the playoffs. O'Hara was gone during the Bucs game. Burris was playing on a torn tendon, Shockey was gone, and various players in the secondary were injured.

Do you realize how many rookies they played? Boss, Smith, Bradshaw, Alford (the dude that sent Brady five yards back on the next to last play of the Super Bowl), and others all played significant roles in their wins. Whoever the Giants GM is give him a fucking cigar.

Tom freaking Coughlin out coached Chucky, Phillips (which wasn't that hard really), McCarthy (who had coach of the year nods) and Belicheck (coach of the year).

They defeated the Packers at Green Bay on the coldest game ever (global warming my ass).

Only one team has ever won against a team in the Super Bowl that they defeated in the regular season. '72 Dolphins beat the Redskins in the regular season and the Super Bowl.

No passing leader of the year has ever won a Super Bowl, ever.

Why in the hell did the Pats get so conservative in the Super Bowl? They had all these trick plays that they did with regularity in the regular season and were unbelievably conservative in the Super Bowl.

Why isn't there more love for the Giants? All articles dissapeared for the Giants a couple of days after the Super Bowl. I doubt that would have been the case for the Pats if they completed their season perfect, especially on

How is this not the best season ever? The Patriots go on a historic run, they become the Goliath of the league the team that people love to hate. They shatter all sorts of records. Favre goes on a run. Manning (of the Peyton variety) does well even with his best target gone and with a host of injuries. The Giants go on a run that I bet no one will ever copy again. Then Manning (of the Eli varity) has a hand in the best play in Super Bowl history, yes, even better than Lynn Swann, against the best team ever in regular season history. Just a classic season which I will never get tired of watching.


Michael Maier said...

The Pats were forced to throw the Superbowl by the Commish.

Then that bitch Arlen Spector stepped in and starting whinging. And now the rest of the story (which was going to be hidden as part of the deal for the Pats throwing the SB) has come out.

It's all a conspiracy!

Prime Mover said...

You sound like me and the NBA.

Godfather Weilhammer said...

And me and baseball. I hate baseball. Especially catchers. Sissies and their masks.