Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Bad Pats Fans

I would like to apologize for my last post, that was kind of shitty of me. I was pretty drunk and was feeling the high of good Super Bowl. I watched the game at my in-laws and their best friend is from Boston (born and semi-raised) and we have ripped on each other over the years since I'm a Yankess/reborn Colts fan and he's a Sox/Pats/Celtics fan. I actually felt real sorry for him after the loss. I've never seen a man more dejected in my life, to have his team come sooooo close to inmortality only to be ripped away by another Manning. Since I'm a Colts fan I will never know the feeling of being that close to perfect. The entire house I was watching the game at were as anti-Patriots as I was (some actually worse than me) and we all kind of toned it down after the game for this poor soul. Oh well, at least the Sox won it all for you.

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