Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are The Colts.....Back?

I'm cautiously optimistic about the recent 3 game win streak of your Indianapolis Colts. After losing miserably to the Packers I pretty much wrote them off and started paying more attention to the Pacers, then I started paying more attention to what the Yankees were doing. The next games after the Packers; New England (always tough), at Pittsburgh (outdoors, tough D) and then Houston who pretty much had us dead to rights the last game. Pretty tough stretch which I figured they would lose at least 2 if not the whole lot. But then they drag me back in and rattle off 3 wins in a row. The offense is looking more like the juggernaut of old even though Marvin Harrison is a shell of his former self. The D is back to it's ol' bend don't break mentality and even toughed it out (hey, it was good for them) without Bob Sanders against Houston.

I actually got to attend the Pats game and even though my seats were so high Sputnik bounced off my head I saw the Colts practically play flawless football. No turnovers, no sacks given up, few penalties. I know they were lucky that Gaffney forgot how to catch a ball at one point that would have led to six, but still, they played great. They were also lucky that the genius Bill Belechek had a couple of brain farts that cost them the game. They did the same against the Steelers, almost flawless football. Houston? Well, not so much but a win is a win.

I would like to welcome back Addai and the Colts running game, good to have you back guy, this will make the passing game soo much easier.

The Colts have a tough road ahead and they practically have to win out to make a wildcard spot but damnit all I'm optimistic.

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