Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ohio St. V. Michigan - The 105th Edition

JIm Tressel's Vest - 42

Rich Rod's Tasty Tears - 7

Brutus the Buckeye was so tired of running around after Ohio St. scored that he literally dropped dead of exhaustion. That was a shitty joke. Anyways it looked like Michigan would make a contest of it but never got their shit together in the second half. Though I was pleased with the results of the game I really wasn't all that fired up about it considering Michigan has won 3 games and was beaten by the Akron Zips earlier in the year. They also lost to Notre Dame who just lost to Syracuse (aka: the shittiest team in New York state). Seriously, Michigan sucks this year, they will suck next year, and the next, they are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. Their recruiting class looks like a bunch cast offs, deadbeats and the worse kind of athlete....white. They look like the cast of Nessesary Roughness, except I laughed harder at the Michigan team then I did at the movie, and I like the movie (don't you dare fucking judge me!). In the end the Buckeyes were better in every facet of the game, including dick size. Don't ask me how I know. But it was a big let down this year considering how bad Michigan was and the fact that Ohio St completely dissapeared during the big games (Penn St and the 4th NFL team in California). Ah well, a win is a win. Well, at least my 4 month old liked it, he only spit up 2 times during the game, less then his usual 10.

Nolden Gomers - 23

Syracuse Shits - 24

Chuckles Weis and his turtleneck pants were completely out coached and out played by a unbelievably inferior team. No matter how you slice it Notre Dame sucks for the long haul, and if I were them I wouldn't fire ol' Chuckles. If memory serves me correctly he was the fifth choice to take the helm after Willingham's fortunate firing (hey, he's like Herm Edwards, great guy shitty coach). Who would they get to replace him? Regis? You can only get worse not better if you fire him.

Pudue Train School - Shitloads

Indiana Hosers - Shitloads Less

Ugh. Ugly game. I clicked over during the tOSU v. Wolvy game. Every time I clicked back Purdue scored, it was like the Hoosiers didn't have a defense. Thus ends an ugly year for Indiana football, and it won't get any better in basketball unless Jimmy Chitwood decides to come back.

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