Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Miss Mike Vanderjagt...

I really do. I sometimes wonder what that stud from Oakville, Ontario, Canada is up since his ummm...amicable separation from the Colts. Is he dreaming about making it back to the NFL? Or is he just hanging out in Canada doing what every Canadian does when they are bored, drinking Elsnore beer and watching old episodes of SCTV. The good ones, not the ones without Jon Candy. I know he's employed and kicking for the Toronto Arganauts, or however the fuck you spell that word, but that doesn't count. That's the CFL, about 2 levels below the Arena Football League and about 1/2 level above Major League Soccer. Poor Mike, the most accurate kicker in the NFL, replaced by the magical elf we call Adam Vinatieri. Just sad.

So what if was a liquored up kicker who shot off his mouth during Canadian TV interwiews. He was OUR liquored up kicker who shot off his mouth during Canadian TV interviews. Soooo he was a ego-maniac that used to tuck dollar bills under his wrist bands because he was money. So he used to shank kicks when it really counted (and a few time when it didn't). Sooooo he used to taunt apposing teams before kicking game winning field goals. And soooo he actually did taunt a team in the playoffs(Pittsburgh) before shanking a kick so bad that it's still rolling down Capitol Avenue like a tumbleweed in the desert. So he pissed off a future hall of fame quarterback so bad that he has no shot of ever sniffing the prosperous fields of the NFL ever again. He deserves another chance. If Michael Vick can kill dogs, break federal law, go to jail and deserve a second chance so does Mike.

We miss you Mike. Don't' get too drunk, we might be calling you again soon, Jim Sorgi is getting less and less cute by the day.

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