Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nostalgia Run Amok - My Favorite Year

A couple of weeks ago friends of my wife came to town and wanted to go drinking, well gee, that's right up my alley. So we went to the nearest pub that served decent beer on tap, thankfully not far. In the course of the evening the conversation turned from politics (we were all hoping Obama would succeed, now were all Libertarians), to music (Creedence Clearwater is awesome) to death (don't ask) and finally to film. My sister in law asked the latest film that I watched. Max Payne, but I didn't finish it because it was fucking awful. Then I finally realized that the last two films that I have seen were Hellboy 2 (meh) and No Country For Old Men. It's really not because I'm old and I think all new movies suck, wait, that's exactly it. Well, we all love old movies and basically spent the rest of the night discussing the best of the best. The next night while I was downing down ice cold beer (the hair of the dog that bit me) I stumbled upon one of my favorite films, My Favorite Year (1982). I remember seeing this as a kid and thought it was great, even though my brother had to explain all the jokes to me. Well now 27 years later I watched it again and enjoyed the shit out of it. I enjoyed that fucking movie so much that I actually thought about humping the TV which I did after watching a documentary of Kay Parker. Look her up, just not at work.

The movie starred Mark Linn Baker. You might remember him as Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers. That's right, now that shitty 80's song is coursing through your skull. The years have not been pleasant to Larry and he looks like father time has thoroughly beaten the shit out of him. He was pretty good as a rookie writer handling and looking after a drunken, womanizing yet charming Irishman Alan Swann.

Peter O'Toole was awesome as Alan Swann. You remember him from Supergirl, right? Anyways the one liners were plentiful and great. Here is a sample.

"I'm not an actor, I'm a movie star!!!"

(looking at a broken bottle of liquor), "That's a sad sight."

(After stumbling into a ladies room)
Woman: This is for Ladies Only!
Swann: (unzips fly) So is this madam, but every once in a while I have to run a little water through it.

(realizing that the skit he's doing is live)
"I haven't performed in front of an audience in 24 years. I had one line! And I forgot it!"

I know I'm an old man but I don't care. Movies suck donkey balls nowadays and I wish they made more movies like these. Who knows, maybe one day my born again son will tell me that they don't make movies like Pineapple Express anymore. That day will suck. But let me enjoy this day and this movie dammit.

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