Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Pacers Are Broke Yo

If you guys haven't heard, and I'm sure you've haven't, the Pacers have announced that they have lost more money than M.C. Hammer and Mike Tyson combined. When looking at the worth of the Pacers they are at 300 million, but Herb Simon says that they have lost 200 million since he took over the club in 19whatever. Many blame the shitty performance since thugs took over the team in 2004. But I say that if the thugs actually took the Pacers anywhere this would be a different situation. To me the whole thing started to snowball since Donny Walsh decided to hire the worst person in the world, no, not Rush Limbaugh there Keith Olbermann but Isiah Thomas back in 2001 when Larry Bird decided to "retire" to get great blowjobs from lot lizards back in French Lick.

Let's here from the owner himself, Herb Simon. Oh.....Herb.

-There comes a point where you have to say, 'Maybe I can't do this anymore,' Simon, 74, said in an hour long meeting with executives and reporters at The Indianapolis Star. Certainly my family, if I'm not here, is not going to be able to do it. So, let's straighten this thing out. Maybe we can't. But let us try. Sure, I would have picked a better time than the world's greatest economic crisis. The timing sucks, but that's what it is.-

Great, thanks a pant load there Herb the city builds you a beautiful building downtown and you decide that maybe you can't do this anymore. I know that really the NBA as a whole is a complete disaster and the Pacers are just swept up in the tsunami of the shit economy but threatening to move the team if the can't do this anymore is a dick move. This city has supported you through thick and thin and we abondaned you because you put together a horriffic team full of shitty contracts and thugs that can't shoot worth a shit, with guns and the ball. I still root for the Pacers, basically becuase I know this team won't be around much longer and the fact that if Indy loses any pro team we won't get it back....ever. I know you hippies don't give a shit and think that these teams don't do any good for the city, but when these teams do well, more jobs and more money, pure and simple. Just ask any economically depressed city their opinion, like Oklahoma City.

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