Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rush Rush and More Rush....

Couple of Rush notes that I ran across. Apparently Rush will be in the new Movie I Love You Man which excites and disappoints me all at the same time. The director is a huge Rush fan and he has Rush play Limelight during a Rush concert (go figure) that the gay couple attends in the movie. If it's anything like my experience it's full of middle aged drunk white males that are bald or balding. But DAMN it's a fun experience. More info.....here....I guess this means I actually have to go to a movie...naw. I'll wait for the DVD.

Geddy Lee talks to Blender, which ironically ranked Neil Peart as the second, that's right, SECOND worst lyricist of all time. He talks about that and the fact that he wants to sue Al Gore. I'm sure that's with tongue firmly entrenched in cheek. HERE is the link.

I guess Rush will be back in the studio in the Fall, or whenever the fuck they feel like it to record their next album. I feel giddy about the possibilities, while I was disappointed in Snakes and Arrows (except for Main Monkey Business which is teh Shit!) it was still a shitloads better than any rock album that shat itself on the records shelves that year.

By the way. Writing this was a challenge, I just got back from celebrating St. Patricks Day and I'm seeing two computer screens right now.


Michael Maier said...

Sadly, I can't make myself try to listen to Snakes & Arrows to fool myself into liking it.

That's how much it turned me off.

I wonder if Rush has "Nuked The Fridge". Appearing on John Stewart's show, hanging with Matt Stone, doing movies... I just wonder if music is anything close to a high priority for my favorite band ever.

Prime Mover said...

I like to think it is their main priority, it is kind of weird to see them on tv and movies so much but hey, people in Hollyweird are embracing their Rush roots. With Snakes and Arrows I can only listen to certain track, I find myself not liking almost the entire second half which sounds like Neil whining. Though it is not as bad as say Sting or Bono.

"Nuke The Fridge"

LOL - I had to look that one up.

Wonder Woman said...

Living in the past boys...

Time to catch up to REAL music ;-)

Prime Mover said...

Like Maroon 5? Fall Out Boys? Britney Spears? Current hip hop music?!! Sorry babe I like music when actual musical instruments were played and musicians didn't talk about their feelings or are upset that their mascara runs when they cry. Oh wait, I was into the metal scene in the 80's, never mind.