Sunday, July 27, 2008

He Sure Is Green....(sneezing sound) Bullshit!

Even after the green overhaul. Al Gore, our boy, continues to be a hypocrite. Read it here. Please don't give me that crap that his office is located in his home. I mean seriously, if you burn that much energy your office must be lit 24/7.


John-O said...

The same conservative think tank that got the numbers wrong the last time they tried to slander Al Gore. I'm sure they're much more credible this time. What a joke.

Prime Mover said...

So this is wrong? Alright, I'll bite, got any links or anything to back that up?

John-O said...

Haven't seen any yet, but they don't source their numbers, and they are not themselves a credible source, so taking their numbers at face value, after they have been caught lying once, is simply foolish.

They also don't specify time frame, saying only that, "In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month."

The CNN article that talked about the improvements Gore made notes that his electricity use dropped by almost 7000 kilowatt hours between June 2007 and August 2007. It also notes that he had to take his solar panels offline in August, causing a spike in electricity use. August 2007 would fall into the vague "past year" noted by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, meaning that if they counted last August, when work was still being done, then they're not taking an honest assessment.

There's also no point of reference to average regional electricity use during the vague time frame. If overall electricity use was up in the region over the span of time, then Gore's use would be up, too. That needs to be put into context to complete the "research," but I imagine pigs will fly before conservatives end up in the same room with context.

If someone else verifies the number AND puts the numbers into the proper context, I might take it seriously. Otherwise, it's just a right-wing witch hunt by a group that already lied about the numbers once.

Prime Mover said...

That's all well and good (some good points taken) but I'll qoute what you said to me after bringing up the London court ruling specifying numerous innacuracies in Al Gore's movie, "It's largely accurate." There's no refuting the fact that he's burning up an aweful lot of energy while telling everyone else to scale back. This think tank (or political witch hunter) isn't the first one to print Al Gore's energy sucking, many mainstream media sites have reported this, even the more lefty ones. I find it funny that Al only started making green improvements after being called out. He never refuted the energy he used. Now what about his private jet and SUV caravan? Has he scaled those back?

So what's the difference between the numbers, graphs and time lines (a miniscule portion of earth's history) in Al's movie and the numbers used by this think tank? Not much. This isn't slander, this is calling out a person who's making millions of dollars on the green living fad (owning the carbon credit company, nothing fishy there) while wanting to screw the little guy with taxes and telling us to scale back on our energy consumption. I find it hypocritical.

Michael Maier said...

Al Gore sucks.

And his acting stinks.

That is all.