Sunday, July 13, 2008

Top Ten Bassists Of All Time

Even though I don't play bass and have never attempted to I knows what I like dammit. These are the best that I've heard in my lifetime. As with all top ten lists, this is just my opinion, there are probably bassists out there I've never heard of that are kick ass.

10) Jack Bruce - Cream, Solo - I'm a huge Cream fan and I always thought that Bruce was one of the best that complemented Eric Clapton well.

9) John Taylor - Duran Duran - Very underrated bassist. The dude from Live (can't remember his name) once stated that he hated Rush and would just noodle to Duran Duran all day.

8) John Myung - Dream Theater - Felt obligated to put him on this list. Though he sounds "robotic" at times he is still one hell of a talent.

7) Scott Shiflett - Face To Face - Kind of a stretch to put him on this list but he's damn good. Got to see them live in Chicago back in '01 and was thouroghly impressed. But don't take my word for it, go buy Face To Face's self titled album.

6) Matt Freeman - Rancid, Operation Ivy - This guy has some serious chops as seen here. Was happy to see these guys live a few years back, old punkers never die.

5) Muzz Skillings - Living Colour - Complete sentimental favorite of mine. Was kicked out of the band after Times Up. No idea why. But he was replaced by another awesome bassist in Doug Wimbish.

4) John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin - Overshadowed by the others in the group but was (well, is) a great talent. I would give my left nut to see them live, even with Jason Bohnam on drums. His bass line in Immigrant Song is fucking fantastic.

3) Geddy Lee - Rush - Yeah, I know, blah, blah blah Rush is great, blah blah.

2) Tony Levin - Peter Gabriel, King Crimson - Just a freak of nature on the bass. The reason why I love Peter Gabriel so much and he single handedly saved Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason. Got to see him with Peter Gabriel on the WOMAD tour back in '93.

1) John Entwisle - The Who - Undisputed best bassist in rock. Was actually kind of bummed when he passed. When I first heard him as a kid I really wanted to play bass, then I heard his counterpart Keith Moon and changed my mind. Still just an unbelievable talent. My mom (who listens to nothing but classical) even thought he was great, that's saying something, believe me.

Honorable Mentions

Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Should be on this list but I find RHCP kind of arrogant and annoying, how many farking songs can you write about California?

Mike Rutherford - Genesis
Tina Weymouth - Talking Heads
Stefan Olsdal - Placebo
Jimbo Wallace - Reverend Horton Heat
Ben Shepard - Soundgarden
Sting - The Police - He actually is pretty good
Justin Chancellor - Tool
Chris Square - Yes - Another one that should be on the list, but oh well.


LCFan said...

Muzz wasn't kicked out of the band; he left due to creative differences; he also filled in for Doug (private show for Jack DeJohnette) b/c Doug had prior commitments.

John-O said...

Tommy the Cat is my name...

Prime Mover said...

You know John-O? Every time I do these stupid lists I always leave out an obvious one. Godammit. Anyways thanks for pointing that out.

I read stories that Muzz was kicked out and also heard he was asked to leave and I heard he quit. But I'll take your word for it since I read these articles waaaay back in '93.

Anonymous said...

creative differences is the reason muzz departed w/ LC. He was seen @ the Save CBGB's gig in Aug 2005 and filled in for Doug a few years back for a private show for Jack there's no bad blood.

davebojo8 said...

Flea's slap bass teqnuqie is surely top 10 worthy. And maybe if you didn't listen to just there album "Californication" you would appreciate their music.
"Blood Sugar Sex Majik" from 1991 was such a breakthrough album for the early 90's alternative rock movement. That album was by far the chili peppers most impressive album and it is #310 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of all time. And for your listening pleasure, they dont mention the word california on that album, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

:O wheres Cliff Burton?????

Anonymous said...

this list is terrible due to the fact that pnut of 311 is not in the top ten, (personally hes number 3 for me) but its just straight up disrespectful that hes not even an honorable mention. shame on whoever made this list.

Anonymous said...

dude what happened to steve harris!!!
he is the bomb

Anonymous said...

Cliff Burton is forgotten in this list, let alone the extra mentions. He deserves to be there because he had this sound and playing style unlike any other, mixing distortion and wah, having a guitar/bass sound, great song writer, musically versatile also: influenced by blues, punk, metal and rock'n'roll. Cliff should be up there.

Jay said...

If Les Claypool is not on your list then your list is not worth anything. CLiff Burton should def. be in there somewhere, and P-Nut is one hell of a bassist.

Jay said...

no one can compete with Les

Anonymous said...

how dare you forget Alex Webster from cannibal corpse. Without mentioning that he is the best technical basssist ever to strap on a bass

mandolin picks said...

I am a Led Zep fan! Thank you so much for including John Paul Jones on the list. He is truly one of the finest talents I’ve heard. I also dream of seeing the band live, especially Jones. He is an inspiration for a lot of aspiring bassists out there. Thanks a lot, once again.