Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Today's Tom Sawyer...Hey Get The Fuck Out Of Here!"

Rush was on The Colbert Report last night, if you don't know the show it's where a liberal douchebag acts like a conservative douchebag but ends up still being a liberal douchebag. Colbert's lame ass act aside the interview was kind of weird because Alex hardly says a word and Neil never shuts up his lyric hole, well, because he gets asked the most questions. This was a shock to me because I've only read Neil interviews, I've barely ever heard the man speak. Dude's got a deep voice. The band plays Tom Sawyer for the rowdy liberal crowd ages 18 - 25 (probably future conservatives once they enter the work force). Everything is going great until freaky ear McGee decides to jump in right before the last drum breakdown to announce the song is over then quickly jumps out when he realizes that it isn't. Then they go to commercial before the song is over!! That's right my friends, I experienced nerd blue balls, the entire thing is ruined. Fucking Colbert.


Mandy said...

Who the fuck in their right mind would talk over and jump in front of Rush?

Prime Mover said...

Damn straight!