Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rush! Rush! Rush! Rush!

I have no idea if any of you bums made it out to a pretty fucking cool show but me and the Godfather ventured out to Deer Crack to see the best band ever blister through a 3 plus hour set. But if none of you dudes were cool enough to come out with me and Godfather then fear not, my drunken review will break it all down.

In The Beginning: Noticed a lot of young dudes with their dads. It made me feel really old that these kids weren't even a twinkle in their dad's eye when I first saw Rush live on June 12, 1990, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA. Of course I was only 15 at the time but still, I felt really old. And it isn't because my balls are starting to hang down lower and I'm starting to look like a great dane walking away or the fact that I fall asleep while masturbating now and I only wake up when I fart. Too much? Anyways it was pretty cool to see. Not my balls but the young guys with their dads. That last sentence doesn't look good.

Introductory Video: Funny as hell.

The Fellas: Looking good and spry as ever and loose. Being their last show of the tour Geddy and the boys were a little more talkative and in a silly mood. The drunk chicken was a plus.

Best (New) Songs: Main Monkey Business is fast becoming my favorite instrumental (behind YYZ and close, and I mean close behind La Villa). Sounded great live, even the monkeys screwing in the background made me laugh. Larger Bowl - Thanks to the concert I cozied up to this song a little more. John-O would have appreciated the bleeding heart liberal images during the song. The McKenzie brothers introducing the song was a major plus. Too bad Count Floyd was busy. Far Cry was great live I have to say. Spindrift, not bad, good song live. The Way The Wing Blows? Meh, still not big on this song. The Trees (not new I know) love Geddy's "improv" with the South Park/Family Guy/Simpson sound bites. Speaking of which......

South Park Intro to Tom Sawyer: Fucking hilarious.

The Old Reliables: Freewill, Limelight, Spirit of Radio, 2112 (with Temple of Syrinx!!!!!), Dreamline, Natural Science, Mission, The Analog Kid, Subdivisions. All sounded awesome.

A Little Surprising: Nothing older than 2112. So nothing from the first 3 albums. I was hoping for Fly By Night or at the very least By Tor and the Snow Dog.

Surprise Song: Ghost Of A Chance. This came out of left field. I honestly don't remember if they ever played this during their Roll The Bones tour. I'm thinking no.

Drum Solo: Unbelievable as usual. I take back my top ten list Neil Peart is the best rock drummer of all time. Here's why, John Bohnman, Keith Moon, all great drummers but they both only had 11 years and 13 years respectively on their resumes. Even before they died (may they rest in peace) their drumming quality dropped dramatically. Neil has been doing this for over 33 years now, still playing the same songs with the same intensity with absolutely no drop off anywhere. He even came back strong after his personal tragedy!!! Fuck it, he's the best. Plus he played for almost 3 hours at the age of 55!!!!!!! Chew on the Rolling Stone and The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame you fucking aging hippie douchebags.

Fuck Ups: One. Alex decided to go faster when the rest of the band went slower. Alex immediatley starting laughing, Geddy fired a troll at him. Everyone laughed.

Encore: Sublime. The uhhh, air drumming chorus line complete with the drunk chicken in the middle was interesting. But who doesn't love a drunk dude in a chicken suit?Almost outdoes the fat dude with a cigar in a bunny suit coming on stage to give Alex a cocktail. Wait, was Tom Sawyer during the encore? Fuck it wasn't. Anyways the boys came out with YYZ, 2112 and I can't remember the last song, but it was a great encore.

Overall Concert: Great as usual. Will probably never beat the concert I saw back in July of 2004 where I had front row center seats but this was awesome. Thank you Rush for being around to show up these young punk assholes who are in touch with their feelings and singing horrifically wussy, shitty songs. Please come back with a new album, I beg you.

How Drunk Was I: Well, thanks to the Godfather I had a fun ride home. Not blaming him for anything he did offer for me to stay at his place and I didn't exactly push away any Jager bombs but the ride home was great. All windows down, stereo pumping, cruise control on, diet coke flowing and I had to take a wizz so bad it would have drowned a horse. Great times, took me back to 1999. My wife was not really amused though. Ehh, it was worth it.

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