Saturday, January 19, 2008

Calling All Rush Geeks! Calling All Rush Geeks!

Yesterday Rush announced new tour dates for their extended Snakes and Arrows tour, or as me and my wife call it "We Want To Retire Tour." Thankfully Indianapolis is on the list! The lads will be playing here on Wednesday June 25th at Verizon. I plan to be there with my throwback Signals shirt and will probably be breaking the bank (or hopefully get extremely lucky) and get seats as close to the band as possible. The last time I saw them in 2004 we managed to get front row seats, so close we could see Geddy's neck waddle. And since my lovely wife will be 8 months pregnant at the time we will be making up a shirt saying "Future Rush Fan" with an arrow pointing down. Any of you Rush geeks in?

Note on Snakes and Arrows the album: As usual the album has really grown on me. The songs I kind of liked or I thought were mediocre I really like now such as Armor and Sword, The Larger Bowl and Good News First. I still don't like Spindrift, Faithless or The Way The Wind Blows.

Another Note: They are supposedly going to be putting out a live DVD of the Snakes and Arrows tour. Shit, how much of my money do they want?


John-O said...

Congratulations on your impending future Rush fan. I don't know the name of your first little guy - but I wonder if you ever thought of naming your kids after the guys in the band. I would have liked to name my kid Geddy, but my last name clearly makes that an unacceptable choice.

I will not be breaking the bank for good seats because I much prefer the lawn seating, but if we both manage to make it to the show, let's get a beer and say hey. I don't recall that our wives have met, do you?

Prime Mover said...

Thanks again, our first little one is named Brian Patrick Gabriel. The next one will either be named Sean or Colleen. I never thought about naming my kids after Rush just because we already named our cats (both male) Geddy and Alex. Besides, my wife would have said no. And in the end I would probably come back down to earth and be serious about naming.

Geddy Peddie would have been great.

We will see about breaking the bank because we have to consult the doc about noise and the soon to be babe.

We should definately meet up during the concert and buy our $15 beers and say hi. Of course if the docs say no to front row seats we could probably meet up in the lawn anyways.

Our wives have not met, I think, actually I'm pretty sure they haven't. That will probably be fixed by the Rush concert. Danielle (my wife) has not met much of the old gang, only Greg and Steve. Ana actually met her on our second date at the Claddagh when she first came back from Japan in '02, very briefly.

We were invited to Greensburg but I don't think we will be able to make it because of my work schedule.

Michael Maier said...

I'm hoping to attend this year in Boston w/ Jason. If not, I'll likely go to Deer Creek for my 8th Rush show.

Geddy Peddie... I love it.

I think the name Alex is pretty cool for a son. (Or daughter, even.) Neil's not so bad.

Geddy would be good for a dog, but not a kid. Life's hard enough without having a goofy name.