Thursday, January 17, 2008

God I Hate Bill Simmons, Thankfully So Does and Roughly 90% of The Country

If your from Boston, or decided to become a bandwagon fan of Boston sports this year, I understand why you would like this guy, I really do. Jason, Mike and to some extent John I understand if you adore this guy's articles. I actually used to like him too, before Boston started winning everything. After that he became a raging asshole. With him being on the amount of Boston and ex-Boston sports writers is up to roughly 1,000, which makes this years Pats perfect season run seem all the more annoying, I mean your sister-in-law having bigger boobs than your wife annoying. Alright, that was bad. What makes Bill annoying is the fact that when Boston teams win not only does he prop up his team he kicks the other team team he hates (Colts, Yankees) when they are down. And when I mean kick, I mean shoot, piss on and light the body on fire down. The problem is you can't fire back because he, for some unknown (actually known) reason, he has left the little comment box in his articles out. How can this be? Even Jemile Hill, the worst writer in sports has that box. Anyways I read Bill's latest Boston is great the Colts suck article. I don't know why, this was probably the first article I've read from him in it's entirety since last year when he was soooo bitter that the Colts won the Super Bowl that I wouldn't have been surprised if his wife (you've heard about his wife haven't you? Did you know she was pregnant? Didn't you? Huh?) would have found him swinging on a shower curtain rod. Anyhoo, after reading this article I wish I had the time to break it all down and rant. Thankfully our boys from did. God bless 'em. The link is below. Enjoy!

Lets Not Build This Up Too Much

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