Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Might As Well Call This A Half Assed Rush Tribute Page

I ran into this website during my usual drunken, porn downloading Friday nights. This chronicles (Ha! Get it?) Rush oddities through the years. One of my favorite sections are the screw ups caught on tape during concerts. I actually got to witness a complete screw up in Virginia where Neil's trigger for the end of his drum solo (where he has a horn section and people dancing behind him) did not come on. So it was him playing by himself while glaring at the sound guy. Alex didn't stop laughing until the next song began. There are some other cool things like remixes, odd Rush fans, recovered fade-outs and song played live before the song was even recorded. I spent like three hours on this website, which I guess is better than explaining my crippling porn addiction to my wife. She know, she just doesn't want to talk about it. Enjoy!

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Michael Maier said...

I remember my first cool Rush site, I think this is its descendant:


I tripped on the massive amounts of Rush-isms there. Great site.

One of the funniest things I've ever read:

I really hope the band has read that one. Great stuff.