Monday, January 7, 2008

Bowl Season Round Up for the Big Ten

Being a Ohio State fan and a huge Big 10 (11) fan I thought I would round out the surprisingly exciting bowl season.

BCS Championship game - Or Ohio State gets their jocks handed to them again. I didn't see any of the game since I had to work but I'm glad I worked. Instead of losing by 37 like last year, they only lose by 14, but it wasn't even that close. I might be a OSU homer but OSU had no business being in the game. Lets see what was going against them, playing in a dome against a team not named Minnesota, the fact that they are 0-8 against the SEC and the fact that LSU was basically playing a home game, plus oh yeah, LSU is a good team. I don't buy into the whole "the Big 10 is slow, has no athletes and are weak" argument. Just look at this years draft, 11 Big 10 athletes picked in the first 2 rounds of the NFL draft. OSU came out gangbusters then lost their steam quickly. Too much emotion to quickly. Oh well, it will be a while before OSU sniffs a BCS championship game again, we'll always have 2003.

Indiana - Get their first bowl game in a long time and then...ouch. They basically got their jocks, nuts and shirts handed to them by Oklahoma State. Try again next year.

Michigan - Way to go, you out Florida Florida. Just shows how over rated Tim Tebow is. Lloyd Carr goes out on a high note.

Illinois - Did you really think you had a chance? Playing in your first BCS bowl game against another team with home field advantage. The reason OSU couldn't beat Illinois was because the OSU defense couldn't tackle Juice. USC didn't have that trouble. Illinois will bounce back, Zook is a good coach and recruiter.

Purdue - Wins a shootout against a shitty team they played before. Didn't expect them to win and they did. Joe Tiller is a fine coach going against OSU and Michigan recruits. If they let him go in the next couple of years they are nuts.

Michigan State - Did really well against a tough Boston College team. They probably got distracted by Boston College's accents and the way they say "wicked" every 5 seconds.

Penn State - Another year and another win for Jopa. His glassed might get thicker every year but the old man still has it. Beats out a Texas A&M team that was ready.

Wisconsin - Actually scared a good Tennessee team. If it wasn't for a late interception they might have won it.

Team that should have played LSU? Missouri, hands down. Man handled an Ar Kansas team that beat LSU.

I love the bowl season and it's done. Now we have to wait until August.

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