Monday, January 14, 2008

Is It Time For Dungy.....To Go?

I only made it through 2 paragraphs of Bob Kravitz's latest mail it in editorial in the Indy Star. And when I say mail it in I'm being pretty generous. Bob just doesn't make safe, predictable, mail-it-in articles, he stuffs the column in the pocket of a retarded hobo and shoves him in the general direction of Pennsylvania Avenue. In the article he suggested that the Colts are like the Atlanta Braves, great in the regular season, unspeakably lousy in the post season. Plus they have both just one ring under their belt. I guess that's a fair comparison (even though Manning has a long way to go before retirement) but that doesn't take the sting out of Sundays lost to the back up of the back ups of the Chargers. A team headed by a Manuel Noriega look-a-like with pits the size of cats, an a-hole egomaniac quarterback who for the entire regular season couldn't hit the blind side of a fucking barn and an all star running back/spoiled brat who treats his quarterback like a hooker who has crabs. Yeah, it really sucked, and really stung, badly. I tried to drown my sorrows to forget that game but my sorrows, they learned to swim. I just can't believe we lost to the Chargers.

Someone also brought up that maybe it's time for Dungy to go. In all honesty the man is genuine, nice and coaches his players like men. But it's obvious that football is not his main priority, and that usually rears its ugly head when game planning and preparing for the tough as balls playoffs. It is well known that he is a Christian who would like to one day do missionary work. That's great, but he has a team, right now, with the talent and potential to win year after year, Super Bowls, not just regular season games. It is the coach, or the players? Would you rather have an unkempt asshole/genius coach that got caught cheating that has won 3 (soon to be 4) Super Bowls with fire and determination to fuck everyone up the pooper to go perfect? Or a nice, genuine coach with a heart of gold and who somehow manages to get outplayed and out game planned by inferior competition. I know they won a Super Bowl last year, but they had the chance to screw the Pats. I should let it go and hope Dungy comes back for more years but this years loss left a bad taste in my mouth, like stripper, bad beer and weed taste in my mouth. And it's not easy to get out.


Michael Maier said...

" stripper, bad beer and weed taste in my mouth. And it's not easy to get out."

Speaking from experience? Was that all at once?

Sounds like an interesting evening.

As bad as it sounds, the link on my blog to the fake "Priceless Pep Talks" column says it all: "a gerbil could coach this team with Peyton as QB".

Maybe I'm underestimating Dungy, but the fact that he's an affirmative action hire that wouldn't have even been called except for the BS NFL "interview black coaches or pay up $40K" rule has always stuck in my craw.

Prime Mover said...

All at once.

It seems Peyton is pretty much his own coach and Tom Moore is just window dressing. But the defense of the Colts never seems prepared (except for last year) for the playoffs, and that's Dungy's specialty. Every playoff time the defense becomes a sieve and lets bad teams (and good teams, like the Pats and Steelers) run up and down the carpet which leaves Peyton no other choice but to score a touchdown each and every time they get a hold of the ball.

I would be calm and loose like Tom Brady also if I had a defense I knew would hold teams scoreless or to field goals. Shit, Brady threw 3 pics last week and still won because of his D.

Dungy's a good coach, but like I said, it's not his main priority like a Belicheck or Gruden. And that always kills us.

I wasn't too excited about him coming back because I know deep down that what happened this year will happen next year.

Congrats on your Pats going perfect. Now excuse me while I go shoot myself.