Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weekly Drunk Review

I'm totally ripping off John-O. It won't be the last time. Except mine will be very low brow and horrifically cynical in nature.

Tom Crean Hired By Indiana

Congratulations IU. This is the first good move since hiring Hoepner. Why in the hell wasn't this done sooner? Just curious why you first fired Knight in a unbelievably stupid way, then hire shitty Mike Davis because your athletes said they would transfer if they didn't, then hire Sampson who had a trail of indiscretion behind him, Just don't fuck this up please.

Donnie Walsh To The Knicks

This is great, New York continuous to take sloppy seconds from the Pacers. Take O'Neal and Tinsley and his dust pan with you while your at it. Also heard that Donnie was also making all the decisions and Larry really only concentrated on the draft. So Scoop Jackson's shitty article takes on a whole new meaning of crappy journalism.

Maybe It's You That's Racist

Yet another example why Jemele Hill is the worst sports journalist of all time. Maybe the people that automatically think The Bron is King Kong when looking at this photo is actually racist. Jesus Jemele, between saying that it's ok for Randy Moss to take off plays and act like an ingrate and defending Barry Bonds to the hilt you come up with this garbage. ESPN Page 2, you suck at hiring good journalist (yet here I am still reading it). broke this down better than I ever could.

So I Can Officially Blame My Dad's Gas On Global Warming?

Someone actually took the time to link every story on the internets that blamed global warming on something.

Compassionate Conservatives

Not sure how accurate this article is but it's still a good read. It also doesn't really explain what is considered a liberal or a conservative.

Why? Why? Why? Ahhhhhhhh

That's what I said when I hear the Wachowski brothers were about to destroy one of my favorite old cartoons of all time. Can't Hollywood think of anything new other than remake, sequels and gay cowboys eating pudding?

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