Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snakes And Arrows - Live And In My Pants, I Mean, Ipod!

Snakes and Arrows live was released yesterday on Itunes (and I guess at these places called wr--eck--ord stores?). I didn't bother buying the entire album because I really don't feel like a 7th live version of Freewill or YYZ. So I decided to cherry pick songs that I know they haven't performed live before, or haven't performed for a while anyways (Hold Your Fire). So I purchased the following songs: Digital Man, Mission, Entre Nous and Circumstances. I'll at least review these nuggets.

Digital Man - Not a bad version but kind of muddled and slow. I would rather have the studio version if it really came down to it. I've always been a huge fan of this song because this is the closest I've ever heard of Rush getting "funky". Plus, this is the only song I've ever heard them use elements of ska.

Mission - Pretty straight ahead and better than the Show Of Hands version, IMHO. They didn't really tinker with it too much. I was just glad as hell they decided to play it live. Now how about Time Stand Still?

Entre Nous - French for between your thighs or is it gay milkman? I don't know I didn't take French in high school. They have never performed this live....ever, so this was quite a treat. Again, I would rather listen to the original but it wasn't bad. I wasn't a big fan of the tweek they did at the end of the song.

Circumstances - Another song they have never performed live. It's ok, we'll leave it at that. I mean, they are pushing sixty, I should probably cut them some sort of slack.

Other Rush Tidbits

Rush promises to bring some surprises to the Snakes and Arrows shows. They also mention a new studio album after a while.

While going through the online shop at I realized that they sell a lot of junk; dog tags, playing cards even a fucking thong. So I thought I would offer a few suggestions to the boys that could help them make some more dough.

1) Alex Lifeson blow up doll (circa 1985 Alex Lifeson) - you ladies like Alex? Who doesn't? Now you can have the ultimate fantasy with your favorite prog rock guitarist. Though this is not a popular as the Geddy Lee blow up doll which can satisfy two ladies at once (nose joke people).

2) Time Stand Still time machine (completion expected around 2900 A.D.) - Tired of feeling old and out of touch, no problem, just hop into the old Time Stand Still time machine to transport you back to the time when rock ruled and rap was nowhere to be seen.

3) The 2008 Red Barchetta - Specs follow the lyrics of this awesome Rush song. Though we have to be honest, it's just a 1980 Camero with a star man logo on the door, and the car needs some work, like, an engine.

4) Out Of The Cradle sipee cup - Now your little bundle of poo and enjoy his milk with style.

5) Rush condoms - Pregnancies usually happen after rock concerts when couples are completely smashed. Now you can prevent that unwanted pregnancy with the official Rush condom. When properly rolled on it stretches out to resemble the classic starman with his arms outstretched shielding himself from your partner (use our imagination). WARNING - may break and has been know to give some really narly rashes.

6) Emotion Detector - Is your love one completely pissed at you? Now you will know! With the official Rush Emotion Detector. No more wondering if you wife is pissed at you for staring at her sister in a lustful way.

7) Available Light night lite - Now you or your kids can feel safe with the warming glow of the official Rush Available Light night lite.

Anyhoo, can't wait to see them on June 25th.

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Michael Maier said...

I love Rush, but I really didn't like Snakes & Arrows. I'm wondering how much of a surprise they can pull off and make me enjoy attending.